Why Olive's BFF?

Healthy Eating Habits Start Early.

We believe baby food should be real, solid food - food that you'd eat.

Olive's BFF can help your child learn to eat whole, natural foods from early on and avoid the difficult transition from pureed baby food to solid food.

Start your baby on the path to being a good eater for life... your future foodie.

It's All About The Building Blocks.

Olive's BFF one-ounce building blocks enable you to easily measure the appropriate meal size for your child. Our build-a-meal system allows you to mix and match different combinations, making each meal well balanced and unique.

Our blocks also help you minimize food waste. Only heat the number of blocks you think your child needs. And if your wee one is still hungry, just heat and serve another block.

Embrace Diversity!

Because there's more to life than pureed goo and buttered noodles. 

At Olive's BFF, we believe that the sooner your child is introduced to foods diverse in color, taste, texture, and smell, the sooner they will learn to enjoy variety and adopt healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Frozen Fresh. Because Who Likes Leftovers?

Think about it. The leftovers in your fridge start to get funky after just a couple of days, right?

Our dishes are cooked fresh and frozen immediately to ensure your baby's food will taste fresh as long as possible. And of course, we never use any preservatives.

You're Busy. Spend More Time With Your Family.

Take your time back and spend it with your family! No more shopping, prepping, and preparing. And no need to stress over portion size and waste.

Let us worry about all that stuff so you can focus on important things like  spending more time with your family.

Fast and Easy. Whoever's On Baby Duty.

When it's time for your child to eat, simply build-a-meal by selecting the appropriate number of one-ounce blocks for your baby's age and weight, heat the blocks, and serve them to your delighted child.

So simple, even the bachelor uncle can do it!