Meet Team Olive

Monica Glicken

Before she was Olive's Mom, Monica was a Harvard graduate who dedicated her legal career to helping others and defending the rights of the most vulnerable. Today, she is still a full-time public interest lawyer, so she is always looking for ways to squeeze more hours into the day so that she can also be a mom and a wife. Since she was little, she has always shown her love for others through cooking and baking. She is thrilled to be able to bring this love for and through food to other busy parents and caretakers like herself.

Matt Glicken

Matt is best known as Olive's Dad and Monica's Husband. Prior to achieving such lofty status, he completed his MBA in 1995, and spent the greater part of two decades introducing dozens of new products for Fortune 100 companies and boot-strapped startups. After beginning his career with 3M, Matt transitioned to the food and beverage world while working for PepsiCo. He served as Director of Marketing until 2004, when he left PepsiCo to scratch his entrepreneurial itch. Since 2004, Matt has led several successful new product introductions ranging from teas to juices to mustards to beers. Now he is thrilled to introduce you to Olive's BFF, along with his wonderful wife, Monica, and lifelong friend, Olive's "Uncle" Alex!

Alex Holderness

Alex is a lifelong entrepreneur and loves to get new things off the ground. He started his career in investment finance as a stock analyst for Kemper Mutual Funds and a derivatives trader for the now infamous Lehman Brothers. A mid-career shift to helping people led him to VolunteerMatch in San Francisco, where he served as COO and CFO. Alex also led the team that launched the internet's highest volume site in the category. Alex couldn't be more excited about working with his lifelong friend, Matt, on Olive's BFF. He spends his free time traveling to new countries, running marathons and competing in Ironman Triathlons.