The Origin of Olive's BFF

Inspired baby food for busy parents. Born of necessity and love.

When our daughter Olive was about six months old, we started her on solid foods. I began cooking her simple, fresh and flavorful meals, like lentils with spinach spiced with cumin or cinnamon sweet potatoes and apples. I loved exposing her to different colors, textures and tastes, and she ate it all up with glee.

This became difficult to keep up once my mother's health started falling apart later that year. For months on end, my dad and I had to take turns sitting by her bedside during one hospitalization after another. Between balancing work and hospital visits, there were many nights when my husband Matt had to do Mr. Mom duty, taking care of Olive's mealtime, bath time and bedtime all by himself.

It was really hard for me to give up those evening rituals, especially cooking for Olive, which I loved so much (and Matt was pretty much incapable of doing). I decided that although I couldn't be there to make Olive's dinner, I would make sure that she would still be eating the same good wholesome food while I was gone.

I began cooking for her early in the morning and freezing the food in ice cube trays. Then I would leave easy, 1-2-3 instructions for my cooking-illiterate husband: "Take out 2 cubes of quinoa with marinara, 2 cubes of mashed potatoes with chives, and one chicken-spinach meatball. Defrost it all in the microwave for 2 minutes, stirring halfway through. Take it out, test the temperature with your finger, and then it's ready for Olive to eat."

In this way, during those months when I couldn't be there to make dinner for my daughter, I was still there in spirit, and she still got to eat the same yummy food that I made for her with love.

I know there are many other parents like us, whose work and/or personal circumstances keep them from cooking fresh homemade meals for their infant or toddler as often as they would like. Our hope is that Olive's BFF can be a BFF to busy parents like us, making it easy and practical for them to feed their little eaters a variety of fresh, wholesome, and flavorful foods.

We get it, and we're here for you.


-Olive's Mom, Monica