How Olive's BFF Works

Easy as one, two, three... four

1. Select Your Pack or Plan

  • Pick omnivore or vegetarian & subscription length

Double Yummy Plan: Olive's Choice
  • Pick omnivore or vegetarian & subscription length

2. Get Home Delivery

Every month, your selected Olive's BFF meal plan will conveniently arrive at your door. Your meal plan will include between 6 and 12 different dishes. Each dish is delivered in Olive's BFF easy-release trays and pre-portioned into 18 one-ounce building blocks. 

Simply open the box and put your Olive's BFF food trays in your freezer!

Check to see if you qualify for FREE DELIVERY! Actually, don't bother! Everybody gets FREE DELIVERY in MAY for MOTHER'S DAY! 

3. Choose Your Blocks. Build-a-Meal.

Our build-a-meal system allows you to create unique and delicious meals that suit your child's tastes, moods, and needs for each meal... and add additional blocks quickly if they want more!

When it's time for your child to eat, simply choose (mix and match) the appropriate number of one-ounce blocks for your baby's age and weight.*  

* Check with your pediatrician for the appropriate number of ounces (blocks) per meal for your child.

4. Heat and Serve

Olive's BFF building blocks can be heated in the microwave, with a steamer, on the stove-top, or sous-vide.

Take your selected blocks, heat them (we estimate 1-2 minutes in the microwave, however, heating times may vary), test the temperature to make certain there aren't any hot or cold spots, and serve.

Sit back and delight in knowing your little foodie is enjoying a delicious solid food meal.

Bonus! When You're Done, Recycle or Reuse Everything!

We believe in keeping our world green for Olive and her BFFs. Everything in your monthly package - the trays, the insulation, and the box - is recyclable. Or if you prefer, everything is also reusable.