Olive's Gives 1:1:1 Program

1% of Profit, Time, and Product

1% of Profit

We pledge to give 1% of our profit to organizations that help children and families. We know our BFFs support many different causes. Every quarter we will select from a list of potential recipients. Tell us about your favorite organization or cause at olivesgives@olivesbff.com.

1% of Time

We believe that an engaged citizenry is a healthy citizenry, and we want our team to be both. Our commitment to community starts with our team, all of whom can take 1% of their annual work time to volunteer at organizations of their choosing.

1% of Product

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy, wholesome food. We pledge to donate 1% of our total product to children and families.

Olive's BFF is a proud member of Pledge 1%